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Stay Frosty, Stay Safe: FEMA tips help college students assist in getting communities ‘winter ready’

Written by on January 11, 2024


Winter is more than just a season of snow and holidays, especially after witnessing the devastating impact of Winter Storm Uri three years ago. For college students, this isn’t just a distant memory; it’s a call to action. As young, energetic individuals, you are uniquely positioned to lead and engage in winter preparedness efforts, both on campus and in the surrounding communities.

Your involvement can make a significant difference. Whether it’s helping to winterize homes in the local area, volunteering with organizations like FEMA, or simply spreading the word about being #WinterReady, your energy and enthusiasm are invaluable. Here’s why your involvement is crucial:

  • Peer Influence: As a college student, you have the power to influence your peers, making safety a trending topic.
  • Innovative Thinking: Your fresh perspectives can lead to innovative solutions in tackling winter challenges.
  • Community Connection: By engaging with the local community, you help bridge the gap between the college and the broader population.

Lessons from Past Winters

The havoc wreaked by Winter Storm Uri, particularly in states like Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas, is a stark reminder of the unpredictability of winter weather. This storm, the coldest in Texas since 1989, led to widespread power outages, frozen pipes, and impassable roads. It’s a lesson in why being prepared matters.

Tips for Winter Preparedness

As a college student, here are some practical ways you can be #WinterReady:

  • Educate Yourself and Others: Learn about winter safety and share this knowledge.
  • Prepare Your Living Spaces: Ensure your dorm or apartment is winterized.
  • Create an Emergency Kit: Have supplies like non-perishable food, water, flashlights, and a first-aid kit.
  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on weather forecasts and university advisories.

The Importance of Community Involvement

Community involvement in preparedness isn’t just beneficial; it’s essential. In times of crisis, communities that work together fare better. This includes helping vulnerable populations like the elderly or disabled, who are more susceptible to the dangers of severe winter weather. Your participation in community preparedness can save lives and foster a sense of solidarity.

A Message from FEMA

Remember what Tony Robinson, FEMA Region 6 Administrator, said: “Winter weather can impact roads, schools, businesses, cause power outages and disrupt our daily routines. It can also cause serious health risks, so now is the time to be #WinterReady to help keep you and your families safe.”

As college students, you’re not just preparing for your future careers; you’re also key players in the present, especially when it comes to community safety and preparedness. By being proactive about winter readiness, you’re setting a powerful example and making a real difference. Stay frosty, stay safe, and let’s all be #WinterReady together.

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