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Afrika Bambaataa

Disturbing allegations have surfaced against Afrika Bambaataa, the legendary founder of the first hip-hop organization – Zulu Nation. A man filed a lawsuit in New York last month claiming he was sexually abused and prostituted by Bambaataa in the early 90’s, beginning when he was 12 years old. The alleged victim claimed Bambaataa, whose real name is Lance Taylor, would take him to different locations where other adult men would have their way with him. He is seeking compensatory damages after allegedly suffering “physical injury, severe and permanent emotional distress, mental anguish, depression and embarrassment.” This is not the first time Bambaataa has been accused of inappropriate behavior. He has been accused of sexually assaulting young boys several times over the last few decades, and many claim the Zulu Nation was well aware of what he was up to. Another man claimed he was a just a teen excited to hang around the Zulu Nation in 1980 when Bambaataa began molesting him. His claims echo the claims of several others, with graphic details. Although Bambaataa has not commented on the latest lawsuit, he previously stated that he “never abused nobody,” in response to the previous allegations. The Zulu Nation has since distanced itself from Bambaataa, who has stepped down from his leadership position. In a letter signed by almost three dozen members, the organization apologized to the victims for their poor response to the situation.

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