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Vibe Out: Oxtails needed? Houston’s ‘The Greasy Spoon’ got ya!

Written by on September 30, 2021

Photo credit: JRMH Photography 

If you look up the definition of a “greasy spoon” you’ll see it is described as a small, cheap, run-down eatery – either an American diner or coffee shop – typically specializing in fried foods and/or home-cooked meals. Well, one Houston man flipped that term in the best way and people from all over are thanking him for it. “The Greasy Spoon” located in north Houston is described as “The Ultimate Dining Experience where culture and cuisine collide, elevating the standard of Soulfood as it’s known around the world.” Vibe Houston chopped it up with its owner, Max Bozeman II, who has made his mark in H-Town’s “clean-plate” scene.

Vibe Houston: Tell us about yourself? How did you get in the restaurant business?

Bozeman:  I’ve been in the restaurant & hospitality industry for over a decade. The initial seed was sown as a preteen, as I worked in my family’s restaurant on the weekends. I became infatuated with business and the idea of adding value to people.  After opening multiple companies outside of the restaurant industry in my early 20’s, I dove into the restaurant business and helped build some of Houston’s most notable restaurant & bar brands.

Vibe Houston: Tell us about Greasy Spoon Soulfood Bistro  – from the concept, to the choosing of the name and location, etc.

Bozeman: The is my first solo endeavor; my “baby.” My vision is to “Elevate the Culture of Southern Cuisine” by curating a five-star experience that accompanies traditional southern comfort dishes which are loved beyond cultural boundaries.

The initial location was set to open in the Heights area, near Independence Heights & Acres Home, where I grew up. However, being that I already occupied a restaurant space utilizing the kitchen for my catering company further north, it made sense to maximize that real estate and open a full-fledged restaurant.

Vibe Houston: What do you feel is the best feature of your restaurants…the food or the atmosphere, or is it something else?

Bozeman: Of course, we offer great food and a welcoming atmosphere, however I believe our attention to people is our best feature. We strive to make sure every single customer that walks through our doors are glad that they came, and can’t wait to get back.

Vibe Houston: Let’s talk about your menu selection. What do you offer and what would you say are your most popular dishes?

Bozeman: We offer a combination of traditional southern cuisine, Cajun cuisine, and a fusion of elevated southern & Cajun dishes. A few of our most sought-after dishes are our World Famous Oxtails, Herb & Rosemary Lamb Chops, The Boss Seafood Stack (consisting of dirty rice, collard greens, Cajun fried catfish & lobster tail and sautéed shrimp, all smothered in a Cajun seafood sauce), Mac-N-Cheese, candied yams, and collard greens.

Vibe Houston: How have you adjusted during COVID?

Bozeman: We close every Monday to deep clean and disinfect our restaurant, as well as minimizing the number of guests that enter at one time. Our staff maintains a mask policy, and we encourage guests to do the same.

Vibe Houston: What do you do to give back to the community?

Bozeman: We’re constantly in the community serving in whatever way we can. From donating funds to challenged families during crisis, to feeding the homeless and providing necessities to children and senior citizens.

Vibe Houston: How do you feel about the renewed interest or national push of supporting Black businesses? Do you think it will be short-lived?

Bozeman: I think it’s always great to put forth an effort to do better and be better as a community. The Black dollar is extremely powerful, and it makes sense for us to circulate our resources within the Black community in order to leverage our power and influence. I hope it isn’t a short-lived trend, but I’m focus on doing my part and being a model no matter what the masses may choose to do.

Vibe Houston: Any advice to entrepreneurs or small business owners fighting to stay afloat during these challenging times?

Bozeman: My advice would be to put forth the effort to master your craft. People pay for mastery, not mediocrity. Also, make sure you’re serving a purpose beyond. Purpose beyond profit will take you a long way.

CLICK HERE for more information on The Greasy Spoon.

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