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Mugg Man & Jon Glenn reppin’ Houston in ‘raw, country’ new single

Written by on March 31, 2021

“I’m just trying to do my part to make the world of music better and stay out the way. Y’all be cool,” says Mugg Man, a rising artist from the “Dead End” in southeast Houston.

After graduating from Worthing High School as a star athlete, Mugg Man entered the Navy and proudly served our country. That is where he started to pursue his musical journey. After returning home, he began to focus on his solo career as an artist.

His new song, “MY TOWN,” featuring R&B artist Jon Glenn, mixes raw lyrics with a smooth “country” vibe, making the track unique and easily adaptable for many genres.

Glenn, who is considered a “go-to guy” for R&B features and dance choreography, teaches dance classes to children and teens at “New Vibe Dance Studio” in Houston.

The music video for “MY TOWN” (Global Keys Records Corporation) is available on Tidal, Apple Music, VEVO, and Discovered.TV.



Click here to watch video for “My Town.”

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