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“Ready to Love”: Meet Chef Edwin D. Henderson

Written by on November 1, 2020

HOUSTONEdwin D. Henderson has the best of both worlds for many women. He is a “manly man” with a military (veteran) background, and he can FEED a woman, because he is a chef. In fact, Henderson is executive chef and founder of Chefs in the City, which has gained an impressive customer base and quite a following on social media.

Henderson is a native Houstonian, father to a 14-year-old son, and has never been married.

“I was once engaged, however, I broke it off once I started thinking about divorce before getting married,” he shared with Vibe Houston.

With an answer like that, we definitely wanted to see if, now, he is “Ready for Love.”

Q: When it comes to dating – specifically in Houston. What has been your challenge?

A: I have a very demanding schedule and many times I come across those who aren’t understanding. I will always make time for the one who is special to me however the road to success doesn’t come without consistency and hard work.

Q: Before going on the show…did you feel there really weren’t any good brothers or sisters around?

A: I believe Houston and beyond are full of good people. Many times we can miss opportunities of meeting the good people God brings into our lives because we’re too busy or don’t make time to cultivate those relationships.

[Watch the official trailer]

Q: We noticed that many of the men were “rocked up” or muscle bound…or the women were a little dolled up on the “glam” side. Do you feel the show was LACKING the presence of the AVERAGE JOE or JOANN? (Be real…we want you to consider all the people who are walking around every day looking for love.)

A: I believe there was a proper representation of the average person. Everyone had their own imperfections and not everyone had the “perfect” body. I personally have a “Dad-Bod,” according to Symone.

Q: What’s your philosophy on dating?

A: Feed your date tacos and everything should go well. Women love food and everyone loves tacos. Fellas, you’re welcome.

Q: What is your perfect date? Did you get a chance to experience a “perfect date” on the show? If so, with whom?

A: The perfect date to me is one where fun, laughter and great conversation flows naturally. I had several amazing dates while on the show. Make sure to tune in so you can see with who. I will give you a hint – she has a gorgeous smile. Lol!!!

Q: We know you can’t tell the outcome of the show, and some of you left before making it to the end. But even if you did not connect with the person you were hoping to, do you feel that your soul mate was at the resort with you?

A: With the allotted time, I made some genuine connections. I can’t say that I met my soul mate because that would require more time of getting to know a person.

Q: Do you have any “unfinished business” with any of the people on the show. For instance, is there someone you wish you could have gotten to know better? Give us a little hint .. even if you can’t say their name.

A: There is someone I wish I had more time to spend with. You might be able to determine who that is from watching. I will give you a hint…she’s a woman and she’s Black. LOL!!!

Q: We know everyone is not always going to get along. Do you feel there was too much “drama” with the cast..or in reverse.. not enough? How was your experience?

A: There was a small amount of drama, however, the Houston cast was a very respectful group. I believe if they (production) showcase certain things, you’ll see just how dynamic of a group we were during filming. Separate from trying to find our lifetime “Boo,” the men had great conversations which I feel would help bring positive change in the lives of other Black men, and men as a whole.

Q: Would you ever try reality TV again?

A: I wouldn’t do a dating reality show again, but I’m open to doing a cooking show.

Q: Lastly…in ONE WORD… Tell us what Black Love is to you…(and sorry, you can’t use the typical answer of “Beautiful.”)

A: Impactful

You can check out Chef Henderson and the rest of the “Ready to Love, Last Resort” cast on OWN every Friday 9/8 CST.

Reader's opinions
  1. Jess   On   November 13, 2020 at 11:49 pm

    I would love to meet Chef Henderson. I watched the show and truly enjoyed his soulful spirit. I am not on social media but would like to get in contact with him. If possible pass on my email. Just hoping this message reaches him. Fingers crossed 🤞

  2. Delores Lazare   On   January 15, 2021 at 11:04 pm

    Edwin D Henderson.i would like to get the opportunity to meet you some day. I think you are a amazing guy and i’m so happy that though this process you learned about you. I was into you ad a person when i first saw you ( call it lust ) but i call it there’s more to this man..if by any chance you at least want to know even a bite slight about me please email me at : del_lazare47@
    Thank you Dee Lazare

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